Vote for Common Sense

Manchester voters are expressing concern about the direct impact the progressive agenda is having on the population, such as:

  • Emergency housing programs that bring crime to local neighborhoods without dealing with the underlying root cause issues of mental illness and drug addiction that create the homelessness.
  • Budget busting climate change and economic policy that has caused a $7000 annual tax increase labeled as “transient inflation.”
  • Classrooms being disrupted by furries – children who think they are animals and are embraced with litter boxes rather than disciplined for disrupting instruction or treated for mental illness. While progressive administrators are embracing furries, Vermont per capita education spending is the 4th highest in the nation, and school performance is in the bottom 40%.

Joe Gervais is running to represent the Bennington-4 district and bring balance back to the House of Representatives.  Joe is a small business owner who has lived in Arlington for the past ten years in his wife’s childhood home. Joe will back legislation that will:

  • Bring back a strong economy
  • Prevent tax increases.
  • Increase effectiveness of education tax dollars.
  • Address rising crime.

The current two-seat district presents a disadvantage to voters desiring to have change. With the Manchester-based incumbents running as a team and to ensure Joe is elected, voters should do a bullet vote where they solely cast a vote for Joe and do not cast a vote for Kathleen James or Seth Bongartz. Each vote cast for either opponent of Joe dilutes your vote for Joe.