Taxation without representation

Recently, Vermont reapportioned the districts for the Senate and House of Representatives. In this process, the respective Town Board of Civil Authorities provides its recommendation to our legislators. The respective BCA of the towns of Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate, and Sunderland all recommended that the district be split with Arlington, Sandgate, and Sunderland in one district and Manchester in the second. Your current legislators voted against the town recommendation and maintained the combined two-seat district to serve their self-interests in maintaining their current seats in Manchester.

In a recent discussion filmed on GNAT, Representatives James and Bongartz both reiterated their support for the Clean Heat Standard bill, which was vetoed by Gov. Phil Scott and fell one vote short of an override. This bill is nothing more than a carbon tax that citizens will bear for heating fuels in an environment where the progressive policies pushed by the Democrat majorities at the state and federal level are driving a broken green new deal that is already causing tremendous pain at the gas pump, grocery store, and each time we fill our heating oil or propane tanks.

Fortunately, you have choice. You can choose to vote for an America First candidate who has served in the military and has a sworn duty to defend and protect the constitutions of Vermont and the United States. Your bullet vote for Joe Gervais, where you solely vote for Joe on the ballot will send either James or Bongartz into retirement, and will get you representation that will fight to:

  • Bring back a strong economy
  • Prevent tax increases
  • Increase effectiveness of education tax dollars
  • Address rising crime